Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's almost time for christmas!

When i got home today, i decided to put up my little christmas tree. Because i wanted to upload a little video on my blog i record everyting and put a speed under it. Otherwish it would be a boring 15 minutes long video! xD

I also got two christmas presents from my mom! Well one isn't actually one, but i see it as one! Fist she gave me 20 euro's! What's very handy right now, because i don't have any work or someting. So every little bit helps now! And also she got this kind of big cushion in her Christmas packages from work. But she dind't like it and the cats dind't like it also.. So she gave it to me! And i'm pretty happy with it!

So did you already put on your christmas tree? Or are you gonna do it on christmas eve?

x Love Laura

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