Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009.... And say hello to 2010!

I hope you all have a great new year celebretion tomorrow!
And i see you all back in 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is over again...

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and got the presents you wanted! Mine Christmas was very nice! On Christmad day my boy and i have just watched movies wich where on the television and eat upstaires with my uncle, grandmom and dad. Second day we went to my mother and did a kind of game where you can win presents with. There just small thinks but still i love it! So this is what i got..

1) A new bag wich i love!
2) A new Dvd, wich i had brought by myself. But still i wanted to have it, or gave it to my boy.. but i won it with the game so.
3) Little puzzle
4) Just a ball pen
5) It's called a wondertree. You have to plant it by yourself and inside there a kind of bean wich wears your name, after some weaks is the plant start to grow the bean will stick to the plant. So it wears your name, kind of xD
6) Little gingerbread house!
7) A pair of socks! (I have two of them)

I also got a new hat. But i forgot it (A)

I also got a big present from my dad! Last weekend me and a friend painted my wall purple and i needed a new closet so yesterday we finally picked it up! And i'm so happuy with it because it's really really pretty!

x Love Laura

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Tonight it's Christmas Eve! Are you excited? Well i'm!
(No i'm not hyperactive (A))

Tonight my boyfriend is coming over and stays here untill sunday/monday! So i won't update anymore.. Also because of the christmas days offcoursse! Tonight where not going to do someting special. The first chirstmas day where just home at my dads. And in the evening were going to eat together with my grams and uncle! And offcourse my dad =]. Second Christmas day where going to my mother and play a game with presents! So then it's prestens time and i can't wait anymore! I JUST WANT PRESENTS! Ah well i just have to... Also today i'm going to look for one more prestent for the game, and one for my dad.. Wish me goodluck! Because i think i won't be the only one who's going to get there last presents today...

I hope you all have a wonderfull Christmas time!
And offcourse lovely presents!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's almost time for christmas!

When i got home today, i decided to put up my little christmas tree. Because i wanted to upload a little video on my blog i record everyting and put a speed under it. Otherwish it would be a boring 15 minutes long video! xD

I also got two christmas presents from my mom! Well one isn't actually one, but i see it as one! Fist she gave me 20 euro's! What's very handy right now, because i don't have any work or someting. So every little bit helps now! And also she got this kind of big cushion in her Christmas packages from work. But she dind't like it and the cats dind't like it also.. So she gave it to me! And i'm pretty happy with it!

So did you already put on your christmas tree? Or are you gonna do it on christmas eve?

x Love Laura

Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to The last train to London!

Hii There!
Nice to see you here, on my new kind of website! My name is Laura and i'm a 20 year old girl who lives in the Netherlands. I have a huge obsession with London, i don't know what it is. But i just love te city, wondering around there and that kind of stuff. Also i'm a quit huge fan of Helena Bonham Carter, and offcourse like everybody i hope to meet her someday.. But also i have another dream wich i hope to do in about 3/3 years. And thats a English language course in London offcourse! So i can live there for a couple of weeks, and offcourse i will learn better english!
So maybe you already start wondering why i did make the last train to London. Well thats because the last couple of weeks i stared to visted fashion blogs and stuff like that. And how more i looked to more i feel in love with it. So i thought: ''That's someting i want to do to!''. First i wanted to use the name The London dream (because of my wish;staying/living in london for a couple of weeks/years). But to bad.. somebody already used that name.. So i search for a new one till i found the last train to London! And after that.. well you see what happend after that.. this blog was born!

-- So before i will finsh this first post i wanted to tell you all someting. Im not that good in english, offcourse i will try to writh everyting i correct english. But if you find/see someting that's not really good.. Please E-mail me! It's alwasy good to learn someting new! --

So that was all! I hope you will enjoy your stay here at The last train to London! And to hear someting from you at the comments!

With all my love <3