Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to The last train to London!

Hii There!
Nice to see you here, on my new kind of website! My name is Laura and i'm a 20 year old girl who lives in the Netherlands. I have a huge obsession with London, i don't know what it is. But i just love te city, wondering around there and that kind of stuff. Also i'm a quit huge fan of Helena Bonham Carter, and offcourse like everybody i hope to meet her someday.. But also i have another dream wich i hope to do in about 3/3 years. And thats a English language course in London offcourse! So i can live there for a couple of weeks, and offcourse i will learn better english!
So maybe you already start wondering why i did make the last train to London. Well thats because the last couple of weeks i stared to visted fashion blogs and stuff like that. And how more i looked to more i feel in love with it. So i thought: ''That's someting i want to do to!''. First i wanted to use the name The London dream (because of my wish;staying/living in london for a couple of weeks/years). But to bad.. somebody already used that name.. So i search for a new one till i found the last train to London! And after that.. well you see what happend after that.. this blog was born!

-- So before i will finsh this first post i wanted to tell you all someting. Im not that good in english, offcourse i will try to writh everyting i correct english. But if you find/see someting that's not really good.. Please E-mail me! It's alwasy good to learn someting new! --

So that was all! I hope you will enjoy your stay here at The last train to London! And to hear someting from you at the comments!

With all my love <3

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  1. This is very nice! Good work dear!
    We are so great we should be queens xxx laf ya