Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is over again...

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and got the presents you wanted! Mine Christmas was very nice! On Christmad day my boy and i have just watched movies wich where on the television and eat upstaires with my uncle, grandmom and dad. Second day we went to my mother and did a kind of game where you can win presents with. There just small thinks but still i love it! So this is what i got..

1) A new bag wich i love!
2) A new Dvd, wich i had brought by myself. But still i wanted to have it, or gave it to my boy.. but i won it with the game so.
3) Little puzzle
4) Just a ball pen
5) It's called a wondertree. You have to plant it by yourself and inside there a kind of bean wich wears your name, after some weaks is the plant start to grow the bean will stick to the plant. So it wears your name, kind of xD
6) Little gingerbread house!
7) A pair of socks! (I have two of them)

I also got a new hat. But i forgot it (A)

I also got a big present from my dad! Last weekend me and a friend painted my wall purple and i needed a new closet so yesterday we finally picked it up! And i'm so happuy with it because it's really really pretty!

x Love Laura


  1. Hey Darling!
    I love it!!! It's beautiful!
    But what's this? A new blog??? And I didin't know about it :P
    Hehe you are so indecisive sometimes when it comes to blogs :P
    Love ya!

  2. Oeeh nice very nice and my candels on your closet haha! Enjoy laf ya kisses